Have you tried the all new Mc'donald's launches .......

Being a hard-core foodie and not knowing about ........McDonalds shall not be true


Atleast once in a lifetime we might have binged onto McDonalds.

Serving the best luscious , juicy burgers , drinks and sides McDonalds have not failed to impress all the food lovers out there and had been in the business of food for past so many years and rocking it too . But now , they thought of lifting their game by launching 4 new burgers and a fizzy drink exclusively in Northern and Eastern part of India.


Pricing for around Rs.59/- (plus applicable taxes), McDonald's have launch their two "CHILLI" new burgers and one orange fizz drink in its cart . The launches have been embraced in their all new menu and can be fetched through dine in and takeaway options from selected of Delhi NCR.


One of the new launches of Mc'Donalds the Chili veg burger consists of a vegetable Patty made with combination of healthy vegetables including carrot, beans , potato, cabbage where as the Chilly Non Veg Burger includes a grilled chicken Patty finely cooked with garlic and capsicums . Yhe patties in both the burgers are spiced up with Hot Chili sauce making them red hot and sizzling .

Made with perfect blend of Red Chillies tomatoes ,onions,garlic, pepper, soya sauce and vinegar the sauce is really flavourful and mouth watering . Topped up with onion slices and perfectly toasted bun both of the burgers are a must try , also available with a choice of adding an extra patty to double up the taste


Yet another addition to this menu is a very frizzy and a cool drink providing you tanginess and juiciness of oranges. With a blend of Mandarin and balanced hint of red chilli the drink is quite quirky and out of the box , perfect for beating the scroching heat of the summer. Served in generous amount this drink deserves a must try .

Maintaining all the hygiene and cleanliness regulation Mc'Donalds is racing up the food game , winning hearts of their customers.

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Written by : Himanshi Tyagi

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